Cleaning up a house with 1940s original wiring. Need someone to look over and possibly rewire house to bring up to date.

Cara C

Hi, our outlets are not grounded. I would like an estimate for getting them grounded properly. Thanks a lot,

Julian F

I need a quote to update/repair the following items: Main Panel: AC condenser breakers are over sized. Oven breaker 10 AWG on 40 amp breaker. Neutrals grouped together under screws at neutral bar. Sub Panel: Note lighting circuits neutrals are attached at main panel neutral bar. No panel ground. No external bonding ground to grounding rod. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters: Missing at garage (1+) Won’t trip locally and has power when tripped at garage north wall

Chuck M

I am in need of some electrical services, We have several electrical needs: 2 ceiling fans installed (wiring in place) Exchange 2 light fixtures exchange a wall sconce (6) electrical outlets installed in garage. Dedicated 25A circuit in garage for air compressor Cat 5 computer wiring run into 2 offices We would certainly like to speak with you regarding a quote on this job.

Michael C

We need an outlet installed in our bathroom or close to bathroom.

Barbara M

Basement finishing project need to install outlets, switches, and lighting.

Sheldon L

Notes/Comments: Electricity is not coming into the boiler

Amit J

I need an electrician to hang a new light fixture in my entryway. The ceiling is 18' high. The light fixture is about 30# and is 34" tall and about 45" wide. Please let me know an estimate for installation and timing of the work. Thank you very much!

Janis A

I would like to replace the light fixture in the kitchen because it is too dark and would like to add lights under the kitchen cabinets.Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

Yvonne R

Our electrical went out just after midnight last night and breaker will not reset; it has been going out a lot lately and roomate says breaker smelled burnt when he went out there; think breaker may be bad or the feed from the city.

Wesley L