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Customers with Electrician needs

I need 240 VAC installed in my garage to service an electric vehicle recharge. Please provide an estimate to complete this project. I have severe hearing loss, so I cannot use the phone effectively.

Gary K

In the house just one wall front and back all the outlets just stop working how much will it cost me to fix this I have to use an extension cord to plug in the frige.

Kris B

I wish to replace my old subpanel because the one I have right now keep short circuiting. I live in a mobile home and if I was to provide the panel and the circuit breaker, how much would you charge for labor?

Tony N

We need to have some additional warehouse lighting installed and some repaired. We are willing to order and provide a scissor lift.

Ryan M

We need an electrical line to connect our main house to the guest house.

Ming H

The living room lights do not work. I flipped all the switches in the box no luck. I also need a couple of 3 prong plugs installed.


We have a kitchen restoration underway. The company doing the restoration found some electrical wiring behind the drywall that had shorted out and charred the walls. They don't have an electrician who can repair the old style (non-code) wiring that connects the dishwasher and dish washing machine. The old style wiring goes all the way out to the fuse box. This is an urgent need because we have cabinets coming in 4 weeks.

Larry I

Hi there, I was wondering if we can get an electrician down to La Tavola Fine Linen Los Gatos TODAY to get quote for moving a few of our chandeliers around in our showroom. Approximately two chandeliers that's attached to our ceilings..... (Just a few rewiring) Kindest regards, Linna

Linna S

Hello, I live off SUmmit Road and I;m looking to hire an electrician to re-wire a dead circuit install several lights and outlets in boxes that currently have loose wires, switch out a couple breakers, GFCI upgrades, and a little more. Looking to hire someone sooner than later. Thank you.

Michael M

I need a quote on work needed to be done in the server room of our office. We need two 20 outlets with 30 AMPS. The outlets needs L6-30R. Please let me know an estimate. Thank You

Soko T

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